Myanmar: Authorities seize boats packed with 727 migrants 

May 30, Yangon: The authorities inn Myanmar have seized a boat with approximately 727 people off the country’s southern coast on Saturday.

According to the navy,the nationality of the people on the boat was unclear, though their nationalities are unclear they are most possibly Bengalis. Though the government claims that they are most probably from Bangladesh, most of them could easily belong to the ethnic minority group Rohingya.

. “Altogether 727 people — 608 Bengali men, 74 women and 45 children — in a fishing boat have been arrested as a Myanmar navy ship found them this morning in the delta,” a statement posted on Facebook by the Ministry of Information said.


So far, more than 3,000 migrants have landed in Indonesia and Malaysia since Thailand launched a crackdown on human trafficking gangs this month and 2,600 are believed to be still adrift. “The navy is now transporting the boat to its base on Haingye Island,” said Tun Kyaw Kyaw, the deputy director general of the Ayeyarwady Division government.

He further added that after getting them off the island they will begin investigating them as examination is necessary

“After sending the people to the island, we will investigate them,” said Tun Kyaw Kyaw, adding that the examination is necessary to determine who they are.

The Oslo Times and Agencies

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