24 killed in fight between al shabaab extremists and government forces 


May 23,Mogadishu:Residents and rebel group said on Saturday that 24 people have been killed in fight between al Shabaab extremist group and government forces.Al Shabaab dispatched an assault on government troops on Friday evening in the Awdigle locale and Mubarak town in the Lower Shabelle district, south of the capital. Conflicts endured until Saturday morning, inhabitants said.Renegades and government troops, which control the two spots, likewise battled there a week ago.

The African Union`s AMISOM peacekeeping power and Somali warriors have pushed al Shabaab, which needs to topple the Western-sponsored government, into littler pockets of region, however the gathering still dispatches normal assaults from those territories.”We didn’t rest the previous evening on the grounds that they traded shells and gunfire for the duration of the night,” inhabitant Afrah Hussein told from Awdigle locale, including he had checked 17 dead yet couldn’t say in the event that they were officers or activists.

Hassan Kassim, an occupant in Mubarak town, said he saw seven murdered from both sides.Al Shabaab`s military operations representative, Abdiasis Abu Musab, told that the group`s warriors had killed 25 officers, 18 in Awdigle and seven in Mubarak. He didn’t say any al Shabaab dead.Abdikadir Mohamed Sidi, the legislative head of Lower Shabelle district, told that 40 radicals were executed yet said the leader of government strengths in Awdigle, Colonel Dahir Shekaal, likewise died.Al Shabaab and authorities frequently given clashing losses of life.

In spite of the fact that representatives say al Shabaab has been pushed primarily into ranges in the Galgala slopes in the north and Juba Valley in south, the gathering has kept on propelling strikes on the capital Mogadishu, and in addition assault Somali and AMISOM powers.

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