24 killed and many injured as storm hits Bangladesh 


APRIL 6,DHAKA: A huge storm in Bangladesh killed 24 individuals and injured many at the most part in Bogra locale in the northern part of the country, police and authorities said on Sunday.

Women and children were among the dead who included a few victimized people in the capital Dhaka, they said and more than 50 individuals were injured and admitted to hospitals in the region.Shafiqur Reza Biswas, Bogra’s chief district administrator told journalists that 14 individuals were killed alone in his region, 228 kilometers (143 miles) north of Dhaka.A few houses were harmed while trees were evacuated, he said, including that power supply had been cut for a few hours.This was the first terrible storm in the normal spring storm season, climate authorities said.

The Oslo Times

The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times
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